Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Jesus is seriously SO amazing.

Pretty sure I said that like 45 times this week. He´s just the perfect teacher and does everything perfectly and knows every thing and is all powerful and literally perfect and I am just dying. And I am addicted to Jesus the Christ. Addicted. Fun fact: Did you know it was written inside the Salt Lake Temple? I learned that last week, and that just changed everything for me. Literally, scripture. So incredible.

Well, this week was funny and an adventure. On monday, we were going to have 6 sisters in our branch. On Thursday, it dropped down to 5, and on Friday we were back to four. So...there were a bunch of mudanças in and out of our house, but now it´s back to just Sister Mullen and I. It´s quiet, but peaceful, so I´m not complaining. 

Roseane came to teach Rui with us this week!! And, oh it was sooo wonderful!! Rui is doing SO incredibly and just has such a real desire to do what is right. He is trying to hard to quit smoking and stop drinking coffee and he is reading the Book of Mormon regularly, and he just really wants to change. He really wants God to help him, and I just LOVE when people understand repentance and really want to make it a part of their lives. And Roseane just went off about how even though life is hard, it is ALWAYS easier when we are doing the things teh Lord has asked of us. And it was so perfect. The two of them were able to really help each other, and I just sat there so happy and so proud. I love my little Portugal family. 

Roseane is seriously so incredible! AND she bore her testimony on Sunday!! And she said she decided that she was just going to give her life over to the Lord and even if everything was falling apart and she was depressed, that she would do what the Lord has asked her to do and it will all work out. Seriously, faith is the most powerful medicine in the world. I love her dearly, and I hope and pray she stays strong, because Satan is working really hard on her, and I dont know how much more my heart can take it...let alone hers. But she will. She is incredible. 

João Carlos is marked for baptism too!! Oh, God is seriously SO good, and I do not feel worthy of these blessings, but luckily it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with them, because he REALLY needs the gospel in his life. He is really struggling financially and spiritually and everything, so one of our recent converts introduced him to us, and so we started talking about the power of faith, and even though we need help in a lot of different aspects in our lives, the Lord knows everything that we need. So, if we put our faith in Him and just rely on Him and keep His commandments and do what He asks, He will provide. Well, he came back and told us that he felt SO much better after we talked to him for just that little bit, that He knows this will be a influence for good in his life and what he is needing so that God can help him turn around. I LOVE when people realize what they are feeling and then put two and two together! It is seriously the most rewarding thing in the world. So, we taught him the first lesson, and he accept the convite, and so now...its just praying and working with him to stay firme!! Que felicidade!!! Miracles I tell ya.

I seriously feel so happy lately. Like yeah, I am super tired and have no idea how the Lord is still helping me get up every morning, but I am SO happy. I just love talking to people. I WANT to share the gospel with everyone. I want to hear these Portuguese people go off about their lives for forever and I want to just sit there and listen and love them and help them see how the Gospel can bless them. Oh, it is seriously such a miracle. I know that as we come to know our Savior better, we can´t stop ourselves from sharing His gospel. And I know that if we dont share it, we are robbing those around us of the greatest gift God has ever given us--eternal life. Oh, I am so happy. God is SO good. (PS. Sister Mullen makes fun of me all the time for saying that too, all are not alone. But, she says it all the time not too so....) This really is the best time of my life and the greatest blessing and opportunity the Lord has even given me. I love Jesus Christ with all of my whole heart. And my heavenly Father too. And even better, they love each and every one of us even more than I love them or you or any of us can even imagine. And, I feel like my heart is going to burst at the thought of that much love. 


Sister Brooks

sister sorenson!!

conferencia with elder kearon

sister hirschi!

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