Thursday, June 12, 2014

JB crushes and sacrament swag.


Oh, you blessed people. You are so incredibly wonderful ya know that?

Belém stole our pday away, but that is obviously the greatest, because all know how much i love the water slash sunshine, so I am currently the happiest, and I love remembering that this country actually is beautiful and not just apartment buildings on apartment buildings forever and ever and everrrr. Hahah, but really. Belém was a dream, and I am so happy I got to see it. 

So...quick update.

Roseane is going strong, and the Lord is blessing her so! She got a job and an opportunity to move to Switzerland and everything! Oh, I just love how immediate the Lord is in blessing his children. Like, you start keeping a commandment and trying to be better and there you go, another blessing. Oh, He is just so good to us. Also, Roseane told us ´Ai de voces (woe unto you) if you forget about me.´ I love when the Brazilians use the Book of Mormon curse in everyday language haha. Oh, she is so wonderful. 

As for me, I have been studying a lot about how the Lord has asked us to give our all. To leave everything behind and follow Him. It´s weird, because He never asks for the same thing. But He knows what each of our weaknesses are and the things that we want to hold on to and He knows what we need to put on our individual altars of sacrifice, and so...that´s what He asks for, but He who loses his life in the service of the Lord gains it´s to trying to be more consecrated every day and get rid of those little extra things that I still try and hold onto sometimes even though I know I shouldnt...oops. It´s a process right? Good thing the Lord is patient and loving.  

I was reading today about how Jesus voluntarily laid down His life for each one of us and it was compared to the seed of a plant. A seed, saved, won´t do anything. But, if you sacrifice it and spread it, then it will grow and bear fruit, which will produce more fruit which will produce more seeds and all of the whole earth can be blessed. What a beautiful image. Oh, I am just blown away at how perfect the Lord´s perspective was, and how He knew EXACTLY what He had to do, and even though it broke His heart sometimes, He had the eternal perspective and just did it. Oh, how having an eternal perspective changes everything and makes even the hardest of times a little bit easier. I love Jesus.

Also, Sister Mullen and I have been thinking a lot about angels this week, and how incredible it is how the Lord uses each and every one of His children to respond to and help those around us. He places us in situations where He knows we can bless the lives of others. He puts people in our paths, because He knows what they need. Sometimes, I get frustrated because there are so many people that I love and want to help, but I can´t help them because I am millions of miles away, and here I love the people so much and I want to help them, and sometimes, they just don´t want to be helped. But, then I remember, that it really doesn´t matter. Because God is capable of all things. We are all here to serve and love one another regardless of how it is accepted, regardless of whether or not we actually make a difference. Every moment of kindness and love is a moment worth living. It doesn´t matter where we are or who we share it with. Every act of love is an act worthy in the sight of God. And everything we do should be done for the glory of God.

Anywayssss, I love you SOOO much. You are all perfect and you keep me going everyday. 


Sister Brooks

look!  im in portugal!

it says ´share with your sister!´could it be more perfect? i think not.

statue of discovery.


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