Monday, December 30, 2013

The best Christmas present there ever was.

Talking to you all. What a happy time that was. Oh, Christmas in Portugal was something else. I was so happy all day/night, I couldn`t stop smiling. I actually thought something was wrong with me, because I was so darn happy. My one and only Christmas in Portugal ya know? Ah, I just was overwhelmed with gratitude. I am so grateful that I have you all as my family. I am so grateful that skype exists. I am so grateful that I got to talk to you and that you are all so perfect and loving and patient with me. I am so grateful that our Heavenly Father gave me you all and that I get to be with you guys forever and ever and ever. Oh so many happy tears shed. Some sad ones too, but only because I love you all so much. Also, sorry I talked without stopping. I just....I just love you guys so much. And THANK YOU FOR ALL THE PACKAGES AND LETTERS AND LOVE!!! Oh, I felt and feel so very loved. It was all perfect and I am so happy! You are all perfect and I could not be more grateful. 

This week was kind of crazy, because we were all just trying to spend it doing what we´re here to do, while also not getting rejected like crazy /making people angry by knocking on their doors and interrupting their Christmas activites, but it was so good! Lots of treats were made and shared, one gets mad when you show up on their door step with cookies. Even if they don`t want to hear a christmas hymn, because `they are already familiar with christmas songs.` ahahah sometimes I love the Portuguese. And then the rest of the week was weird, because apparently Christmas lasts for the whole week here, or something...I dunno, but we saw a lot of great things and met a lot of amazing people. 

Christmas Eve, we went to our querida Brazilian, Isabella´s house. She has a Chinese and Spanish roommate, so we spent Christmas half English and half Portuguese. It was excellent. Also, learning SO many new things about China. Like they cant use facebook or youtube and the one child rule is a real thing. Oh man, my mind was and still kinda is blown. We had a dinner and listened to Brazilians bash on the Portuguese and we just giggled a lot. It was fabulous. And then we came home and waited on our Brazilian roomies to come home and we all read Luca 2 juntos. I tried to get them to act it out, but that just turned into hilariousness and it was great. But, oh how I loved celebrating Christmas and Christ´s birth in Portuguese. Oh, I love this language so much. So so much. Then, on Christmas, we made a lunch with the other missionaries and some members/investigators that were alone on Christmas and we all focused on the best present we all have. Then we passed by a couple members, did some contacts on the street, and then talked to you! It was a blessed Christmas, and one I will surely never forget. 

Yesterday, we had this really cool activity about the Plan of Salvation, where we went on a plane ride to Hawaii. We all had to make choices about things we would bring with us before we got on the plane-like diamonds, an iphone, pizza, the book of mormon, etc. Then, we got on the plane, and it had some difficulties. Aka it crashed and we all died. Then everyone was brought to a different room according to the decisions that they had made before they got on the plane. We made a Celestial, Terrestial, and Telestial room and it was actually a really cool experience. It makes me so grateful for God´s plan for us, but also for the opportunity that we have here to make decisions for ourselves. Also, I learned that if all else fails, I could totally be a flight attendent. I brought drinks around and everything :)

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! HAPPY 2014!!! Talk to you next year :) Literally...hehehe. 

Sister Brooks

Sister Mere D---HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you spend it sipping hot chocolate and singing 22. I LOVE YOUU!!!

Porto and Christmas Pictures

today....we went and saw porto. in the rain. 4 months later.

i swear i love my comp as much as i love our brazilians.

yay portugal porto mission!

Walking into a Catholic Convent. "Estamos em casa!" Sister Briggs "Let's take a praying pic!" Sister Brooks #nothinghaschanged

knocking doors.

`Sister Brooks writes portugal passes her by.` Sister Briggs     
so obsessed with my little brazilian.

wrapping christmas presents at the bus stop.

that is a REAL (dead) octupus. IN THE GROCERY STORE

christmas dinner.

brazilian christmas lunch.

merry christmas.