Monday, June 16, 2014

Another day another destiny.


Another week of miracles and lots of laughs and collapsing on the bed at night. But, I´m living the dream and Sister Mullen is actually an angel from above and just the sweetest and puts up with all of my neediness and I am in heaven. 

So, Saturday we were walking to meet with this lady (who when we got there magically wasnt home anymore and her phone was turned off--hahah oh its too good), when we saw this man and started talking to him. Well, his name is JoJo, and he was actually the coolest. He had already talked to the Elders in Angola, and he remembered like EVERYTHING they had told him. Seriously, I was so blown away. I feel like I dont even remember what I say, how can they remember what we say? That and...most people dont haha. But, he was like ´hey, can we go sit down on a bench and talk?´ Yes. Yes, we can. And it was SUCH a cool lesson. He understood everything so well and like really understands. I dont know how to explain that to you, but there just is a difference. But anyways, then he calls up two of his friends and invites them to come and talk to us too, and oh they were so cool! And then Jo Jo came to church on Sunday, and he LOVED it. Seriously, loved it. He is the coolest, and I am sooo excited about him.

Also, it is just such a testimony slash reminder to me that Heavenly Father really does place His elects in our path. He knows our plans and where we are going to be and when we are going to be there, so He puts His other children in our paths, so that we can talk to them and help them find what they are looking for. So, moral of the story: talk to everyone, open your mouth, and share the gospel--yay!! 

Something I´ve studied a lot on the mission is vision and goals. Like, you have a vision of running a marathon, but then you make goals of how many miles you will run every week and you set a date of when you want to run the marathon and you sign up and you buy running shoes and yada yada yada. But a vision without goals is just a good idea. And goals without direction don´t make any sense. Well, this week, during studies, it hit me. Heavenly Father´s work and glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. That is His vision. And EVERYTHING else that He has created slash done is to help make that vision possible. So, he established goals. He created a plan, and within that plan He provided a Savior who would make it possible for all to gain imortality and eternal life. The universe was created so that we could come here and gain our bodies and have experiences. He gave us commandments so that we could learn how to be obedient, because that´s the law of the Heavens. He gave us prophets to guide us and direct us, so that we dont get too lost and caught up in this world. He had people keep records, so that we could get to known Him and His Son better and understand more perfectly His plan, so that we can keep an eternal perspective and help Him reach His vision. God is perfect. Literally, perfect. Therefore, everything that we do, every commandment that we keep, every time we humble ourselves and do the Lord´s will. We are helping him achieve His vision. But, He is so perfect, that His vision is just to bless us with the greatest blessing there could ever be. Ah, God is so good!!!

Also, I was reading in Jesus the Christ, and James E. Talmage was talking about Christ´s death, and how he believes that He died of a broken heart. And when I read that, I just started bawling. He has SO much love for us--all of us, every single spirit child of our heavenly father--that after all the hatred and rejection of those that crucified him and watching all of the sorrow and pain that it brought His disciples, along with His own personal heartbreak at these people´s inability to understand His real purpose and what He has to offer, that His heart literally broke. It made my heart so full of love for Him and for my Heavenly Father. And, like, I know I can´t really relate at all, but on like a .0000000000000000000001 scale, sometimes I feel like I have SO much love in my heart for SO many people and all of the people of Portugal and all of you people at home, and sometimes I literally get scared that my heart is going to overflow with love. Like I just wont be able to handle it anymore, ya know? But, that´s mostly just when I start crying and everyone looks at me like I´m a crazy person ahah. Anyways, it just touched my heart at our much our Savior loves us. He literally died because He loves each and every one of us so much. Could He be any more perfect? 

Also, Sister Mullen and I have been playing these ABC games which include song lyrics and scripture references and bible names. Also, ´Who Am I´ with scripture characters. You all should be proud that the people I know now goes further than just Bathseba :) 

Also, the Church is true. The Church is so true, and everyday I just get a stronger and stronger testimony of how perfect Christ´s doctrine is. We don´t have to know everything, we just have to live the basics and do our very best, one day at a time. I love Jesus Christ. I love Heavenly Father. I love the Gospel. 


Sister Brooks

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